Sabah Kunle is the Founder and CEO of IBLossomLearn. Sabah incorporates her 13 years of classroom experience, her knowledge, expertise, and degree in curriculum development, and her professional trainings in guided reading and literacy instruction to help teachers learn how to implement a Literacy approach into their skills acquisition easily and effectively.

The goal of her in-depth Grammar & Literacy  program is to help scholars learn how to effectively reach their highest achievement levels. Sabah’s passion for education and love of sharing her experiences with other educators has led to many others implementing her literacy framework into their own classrooms to help engage their students in greater buy-ins as committed allies to learning. Thus increasing and improving their chances for overall academic and social success..


Explore Your Creative Side!

Our art and craft ideas are perfect for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. E.g. baby handprint art, toddler craft projects, preschool art and craft ideas, kindergarten art based learning resources and many more art and craft ideas to inspire creativity and have fun!

Discover fun activities in Culinary Arts

Enjoy fun activities, recorded and live sessions with Chefs Mott & Jay. Learn proper handling of foods as you make your favorite treat.


Stories Podcast

Stories play a powerful role in our culture. they do not just entertain and inform us. they are tools to create connections between people. so it's no surprise that we wanted to bring some of your favorite narratives. Enjoy recorded sessions 24 hours per day.

Why Choose iBlossomLearn?

Affordable Tuition

IBLossomLearn’s affordable tuition allows families to have a full-stack program with a variety of discounted tuition rates and payment plans. Our interest-free payment plans offer affordability to almost all families. Our goal is to provide an affordable, quality education to any student that desires the opportunity to succeed. Our admission specialist will be sure to inform you of all your options, allowing you to choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

Enroll Anytime, Anywhere

In our Online program, you can begin at Any time and from Any location that has Internet access. We will ship everything directly to you if you are a member of our Book Program.

Flexible Schedule

Our parents have the freedom to set their children's school schedules in a way that fits their demanding daily routines.

Flexible Program Structure

Finding the proper online program is difficult. You must choose the correct program to support your academic aspirations. IBLossomLearn knows this, and we're here to assist students succeed with our Online School Program and Book Program. IBLossomLearn Online School uses expert teachers to educate, evaluate, and grade work. Our professors and academic advisers assist students achieve success by providing ongoing guidance and support. Our professors are available to help students with inquiries and needs. You control IBLossomLearn Book Program. Our program is personalized to your requirements and state standards. Curriculum and resources are mailed. Your child's learning coach will apply ALL materials.