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Student success is our focus. That's why we have developed a model, to shift our students from anxiety to mastery. We want you to utilize past knowledge, capitalize on your experience, and follow the best process for your own learning. When experts and learners are motivated to help one another in the pursuit of a shared product or goal, learning happens most efficiently as a byproduct of that interaction. Our highly proven strategies engage Dual Language Students and Families in Language Goal Development and Product Design.

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A Curriculum with A Whole Lot More

COVID-related academic disruptions?  Not every student was affected in the same way. This resulted in significant gaps in student learning, whereby some students may need extra support.

IblossomLearn offers freedom in the form of online Kindergarten-12th grade Math & literacy courses tailored to your needs. Study when and where you want – at home from the comfort of your couch, during a free period at school, or while traveling over summer break. Whether you’re a homeschooler or a traditional public or private school student, IblossomLearn can enhance your education.

For parents and families seeking a flexible virtual option for students in kindergarten – 5th grade, try IblossomLearn Flex for Elementary. Also, consider Flex as a Secondary option, which identify skill gaps and develop customized instruction that addresses the unique needs of their students. 

Online Games For Kids

Book & Online Programs Grades K-12


Elementary Level K-5

Students gain confidence and are more eager to take on new challenges after succeeding. This is fundamental in kindergarten through fifth grade. IBLossomLearn’s curriculum assures students’ material mastery. Solid academics keep students on par with peers. Our online elementary program prepares learners for middle school.

Grammar 9 to 12

Middle Levels 6-8

IBLossomLearn prepares middle schoolers for high school. Students will study mathematics, language arts, and reading curricula with an emphasis on literacy. Middle school is an exciting period at IBlossomLearn because learners become more autonomous and responsible. IBlossomLearn shows learners their potential and options.

high school students 2

Upper Levels 9-12

IBlossomLearn encourages critical thinking during high school. Students will follow a standards-based learning route that fosters academic discipline. Through intensive instruction and activities, students can demonstrate math and reading competence on performance-based tests. Students integrate information, use critical thinking skills, and employ effective expression to complete complex writing, speaking, and listening tasks.

The Learning Arc

Educators are looking for effective, scalable and evidence-based strategies to provide academic help to an unprecedented number of struggling students, especially in the wake of COVID-19. To achieve this goal, and move above the limited efficacy of many traditional remediation strategies, iBLossoomLearn is utilizing The Learning Arc; non-profit platform, to embrace learning acceleration to target unfinished learning


Improve Your Skills & Professional Goals

writing series


IBLossomLearn Writing Series

Learn the basics of writing so you may become a great wordsmith. These courses will strengthen your professional communications, internet expression, and creative writing.
This course will give you the writing skills you need to land a job, start a blog, or publish a short story. It’s also useful for second-language learners. This course will teach you how to write effectively and persuasively in both your personal and professional life.



Career Technical Education

The Cutting-Edge Courses Students Want — HOW They Want Them

Career Technical Education (CTE) is a program of study that prepares students for college and careers through a multi-year sequence of courses that integrates core academics with technical skills geared toward specific career pathways. We will continue to expand the scope of technical pathways offered in the near future. 


exam prep


IBLossom Exam Prep Series

 More than 300,000 Americans take the GED® test annually and those who pass gain the skills and knowledge equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma. Whatever your test prep need, IBLossomLearn will get you familiar with the different types of questions that appear on the reading and writing tests. You will master the many areas of math on every level. To prepare for the two essays, you will learn what constitutes high scoring essays and go through the process of writing each essay in the amount of time allotted.


Math Literacy made exciting, interesting & fun

Math in Focus

It offers scaffolds instruction to meet the needs of individual learners with hands-on learning visual models that support and optimize learning. Visual models, including mini-lessons videos, bar models, help students develop the ability to visualize mathematical situations, which is key to becoming a successful problem solver.

Exclusive Classes. Unlimited Enrollment.

English: Literacy and Grammar

Literacy has been technically defined as the ability to read and to write. A working understanding of a language’s grammar as it is used in a society is fundamental for being able to process and generate the words we speak, read, and write. It is the essence of fluent communication. Literacy across content is an integral part of being successful scholars!

Learning Pods

Our smaller live classes deliver more instructor interaction, more collaboration, and lessons tailored to the group.

Listen to any free episode; they will Wow your World and inspire you to seek out Cultures and Traditions of other lands. You are invited to share your adventures with Auntie Audrey & uncle Godfrey…Right here!

Boonoonoonous Hair by Laura James (1st one)

Boonoonoonous Hair by Laura James
Listen to any free episode; they will Wow your World and inspire you to seek out Cultures and Traditions of other lands. You are invited to share your adventures with Auntie Audrey & uncle Godfrey…Right here!

Hey Black Child by Useni Eugene Perkins

Hey Black Child by Useni Eugene Perkins
Listen to any free episode; they will Wow your World and inspire you to seek out Cultures and Traditions of other lands. You are invited to share your adventures with Auntie Audrey & uncle Godfrey…Right here!

My Hair is Magic by M.L. Marroquin .mp3 (3rd audio)

My Hair is Magic by M.L. Marroquin .mp3

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Monthly Subscription

The Learning Lab offers adaptive assessments and personalized learning plans to help focus where the most improvement is needed. And our full library of practice tools, aligned to academic standards, can help your student do it at their own pace.